There are two ways to work with me, each outlined below.


Come learn and explore in my upcoming  {Whole=Healthy} webinars. We focus on compelling subject matter from my 25 years of practicing holistic healing, spiritual psychology and oriental medicine. These webinars are engaging, relaxed, low cost events that are enlightening and supportive to your life. There will be time for discussion and Q&A, and as always, participation is encouraged.

View this free webinar on the process behind living the life you’ve always wanted.

Private Sessions

Are you experiencing emotional or physical pain, stress or moving though transition in your personal or professional life? Or maybe you simply want to experience more meaning and purpose in your life.

When you work with me, I am interested in your whole and complex picture.  Understanding the system as a whole is crucial to understanding the the root cause of the symptom presenting itself. Most of the time, a troubling circumstance or illness is not something that suddenly happens to us out of the blue.

By addressing the root of the issue rather than the symptom, my clients find lasting health and harmony and have a powerful toolset with which to support themselves in creating lives of deep meaning and purpose.

Each session integrates my 20 years of practice in intuitive counseling, energy medicine, a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and my training as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

In treating the body, mind, and spirit as an integrated entity, results are rapid and long lasting.

I am currently in private practice in Fairfield, CT and formerly was one of the leading healing practitioners at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA.

Sessions are via telephone or in-person. To see if a private session is right for you, please contact me via email, or phone: 413-429-1278.

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